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Man in white t-shirt and denim smiling after Shockwave Therapy.
Man in white shirt and denim smiling after Shockwave Therapy.
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Shockwave Therapy | Non-invasive ED Treatment

Focus Shockwave Therapy, commonly shortened to shockwave therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that promotes male sexual health. Shockwave therapy uses acoustic wave technology to increase blood flow and regenerate damaged penile tissue. Treatments result in neovascularization, which is scientifically shown to improve the curvature of the penis and erectile dysfunction. Unlike pills or penis pumps, this therapy targets the cause of ED, to restore the erectile mechanism.  Shockwave therapy is a popular choice among men who want to attain natural and spontaneous erections and treat ED without pills, pumps, or surgical implants.

Benefits of Shock Wave Therapy

  • Improve blood flow for more robust erections
  • Restore function for natural or spontaneous erections
  • Regenerate penile tissue
  • No surgery, needles, pills, or pumps
  • Improve curvature of the penis
  • Reduce chronic pelvic pain
  • Treatment of chronic prostatitis
  • Shockwave + Traction for Peyronie’s disease
  • Pain-free + no downtime
  • Performed by top urologist Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi

Why Choose Dr Kambiz Tajkarimi of Better Body MD?

Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi (Dr. Taj) is a board-certified urologist and robotic surgeon. He specializes in sexual health and wellness. He is internationally acclaimed for his extensive expertise in sexual medicine and his development of medical devices that restore sexual and urinary health. With nearly 20 years of experience, Dr. Taj is the leading urologist for ED treatments in the greater Washington DC area and northern Virginia.

If you suffer from ED or curvature of the penis, contact Dr. Taj today. He can help you discover the causes of your erectile dysfunction and offer scientifically-backed solutions that really work.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

To better understand how shock wave therapy restores sexual health, it is helpful to understand the physiology of an erection and the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Erections occur when neural signals cause the arteries in the penis to open and fill up with blood. This increases blood pressure, causing the penis to expand and become firm. After orgasm, the arteries constrict (close) and veins open to allow the blood to drain out of the penis.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when there are problems with the neurological, vascular, or endocrinal components of an erection. According to findings published in the Journal of clinical and diagnostic research, “The most common cause of organic erectile dysfunction is vasculogenic causes.” 1 Vascular causes include abnormalities of the arteries (lack of sufficient blood flow into the penis) and/or veins (excessive drainage of blood, known as venous leakage.) Arterial problems are typically caused by the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) because of unhealthy lifestyle choices and disease.

How Does This ED Treatment Work?

Scientifically known as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Li-ESWT,) this ED treatment utilizes acoustic energy to target the most common cause of erectile dysfunction: poor blood flow. Unlike other ED treatments that provide palliative care by reducing the symptoms of ED, Shockwave therapy actually targets the cause of erectile function.

During the painless, 20-minute procedure, Dr. Taj passes a handheld device that emits acoustic waves over the penis. The emitted waves carry energy into the penile tissue. This acoustic energy is scientifically shown to clear plaque from arteries, increase blood flow, and stimulate revascularization (the creation of new blood vessels.)  By creating new blood vessels, removing plaque, and strengthening existing blood vessels in the penis, erectile tissue is regenerated, and erectile mechanism is restored. This results in firmer, longer erections that occur naturally and spontaneously.

How Much Does Shockwave ED Treatment Cost?

Shockwave therapy is a highly customizable treatment. Therefore, ED treatment cost varies per patient. During your consultation, we will discuss prices in detail. We will also share more ways to save on this erectile dysfunction treatment and cover available financing options.

Shock Wave Results

Most patients enjoy quality, rigid erection following their shockwave therapy.  Incremental improvement in erectile function may be achieved after a few sessions of shock wave therapy.

Shockwave ED Treatment Near Me

Enjoy a spontaneous, active sex life again. Get started today by contacting Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi of Better Body MD. He is the top urologist and leading sex expert in northern Virginia and greater Washington DC. Dr. Tajkarimi can help you feel better, look better, and live better. Contact Dr. Tajkarimi online by filling out the form below or call (703) 687-3601 today.

Schedule by phone at (703) 687-3601 or fill out the consultation form below
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Schedule by phone at (703) 687-3601 or fill out the consultation form below
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by submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.


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