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Butt Implants in Northern Virginia

Located in Leesburg, VA

Buttocks augmentation, such as a Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt Implants, are popular cosmetic treatments for patients wanting to plump, contour, and enhance their backside. Butt Implants are typically reserved for skinnier patients. The procedure augments fat transfers with gluteal implants to help slim patients achieve the volume and projection they desire.

Benefits Of Butt Implants

Butt Implants Before And After*

These before and after images depict actual patients of Dr. Tajkarimi. Their transformations demonstrate the potential of this advanced procedure. As with any cosmetic surgery, results may vary.*

Ideal Candidates

Traditionally, Buttocks augmentation is achieved using a technique called a safe BBL. Referring to a Brazilian Butt Lift, this cosmetic procedure takes fat from one area and grafts that fat into the buttocks to give the region more volume. Once the fat is grafted in place, Dr. Tajkarimi sculpts the fat to create a beautiful aesthetic.
Patients with little body fat, typically those with BMIs less than 23, may not be ideal candidates for a traditional BBL. For such patients, implants can be used in conjunction with a fat transfer.
While many BBL patients are female, men may also undergo gluteal augmentation. Instead of a feminine heart-shaped buttock, men opt for a rounder, more athletic-looking buttock.
Furthermore, ideal candidates are healthy adults who do not smoke. Additionally, they have firm, elastic skin and firm muscle tone.
Optimal results are contingent on proper patient selection. During your consultation, Dr. Taj will determine if this procedure best suits your needs and cosmetic goals.

Augmenting The Buttocks With Implants And Super Grafting

While very slim patients lack the amount of fat needed for a fat-only augmentation, a moderate amount of fat can usually be harvested. This fat will be used to augment the implants.

Dr. Taj uses cohesive gel implants. Constructed from the same silicone as breast implants, gel implants are soft. They feel natural, especially when combined with the patient’s own fat.

A Comprehensive Body Contouring Surgery

To achieve the beautiful, hourglass figure that many women desire, premier surgeon, Dr. Tajkarimi performs several body contouring treatments during the procedure. Depending on your unique surgical plan, the treatment may include some or all of the following procedures:

  • Buttock augmentation using implants
  • 360-degree, HD liposuction
  • Simultaneous Separation Tumescence (SST) 
  • Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL). 
  • Fat transfer and fat sculpting
  • Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL). 
  • Emsculpt (muscle building treatment before the procedure.)

The Butt Implant Procedure

The first step towards a beautiful, plump, and lifted buttocks begins with a consultation with Dr. Taj.

The Consultation:

Virtual consultations, a.k.a “snap consultations,” include an online conference with Dr. Taj. Together you examine photos of the body area(s) you want to improve. After listening to your aesthetic goals, Dr. Taj shares his screen and shows you the exact techniques he may use during your procedure, giving you a visual of the possible transformation.
If Dr. Taj determines your body shape cannot produce the amount of fat that a traditional BBL requires, he will discuss the option of butt implants. If this course of treatment is right for you, Dr. Taj will tailor a treatment plan customized for your body dimensions and aesthetic goals.

Before the procedure:

The patient undergoes Emsculpt treatments to tone and strengthen the gluteus muscles before surgery. This revolutionary body contouring treatment uses HIFEM energy to stimulate powerful muscle contractions safely and painlessly. The body responds to these muscle contractions by toning and strengthening muscles in the buttocks.

The day of the procedure:

Before surgery, Dr. Taj intricately marks his surgical plan on your body using a surgical marker. He will discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

The procedure:

The procedure takes place in a state-of-the-art surgical suite. Patients may return home the same day of the procedure.
For the surgery, most patients are sedated using local anesthesia via IV sedation. This is also known as awake or tumescent sedation.
During the procedure, Dr. Taj employs advanced liposuction technologies and techniques used by the world’s top gluteal surgeons. During this part of the procedure, Dr. Taj removes and sculpts fat in the body regions surrounding the buttocks. These regions may include the abdomen, thighs, back, flank, and sides.
The liposuction is performed using circumferential (360 degrees) high-definition liposuction using the safe and state-of-the-art SST-EVL technique — Vaser or Simultaneous Separation Tumescence (SST) and Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL,) also known as “power-assisted lipo.”
After harvesting the fat, Dr. Taj places the implants inside the gluteus muscle using a technique known as intramuscular placement. This technique ensures the implant moves with the muscle and provides a natural feeling, natural-looking enhancement.
Once the implants are placed, Dr. Taj skillfully performs the supergrafting technique. Using the harvested fat, Dr. Taj grafts the fat around the implant, smoothing out the implant’s edges and filling in depressions. This ensures natural-looking results.

How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

The cost of Butt Implants varies per patient. Several technologies may be employed during the highly customizable treatment. The exact technologies used depend on the aesthetic goals and unique circumstances of the patient.
During your consultation, Dr. Taj will provide an estimated cost based on the parameters of your surgical plan. He will also discuss available payment options.

Schedule a Free
BUTT IMPLANTS Consultation

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Why Choose Dr. Taj To Do Butt Implants?

Dr. Tajkarimi is a world-renowned surgeon with over 20 years of experience. His reputation attracts thousands of patients from across the country.
As one of the few Total Definer Surgeons in the U.S. (and the only Total Definer in the Mid-Atlantic region), Dr. Taj is exclusively trained in the techniques and technologies of 4-D dynamic high-definition body contouring.
Combining his artistic gifts with his extensive training, Dr. Taj takes Butt Augmentation to the next level. Patients love their transformations and consider Dr. Taj’s work a human piece of art.

Butt Implants Near Me in Northen, VA

Find out if Butt Implants are right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tajkarimi. Reach out online or call 703-687-3601 to speak with our representatives in Leesburg, VA.

Schedule a Free
Butt Implants Consultation

Schedule by phone at (703) 337-3353 or fill out the consultation form below

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