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90-minute BBL | Safe BBL | Not Your Ordinary Butt Lift

A 90-minute BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a cosmetic surgery that improves your appearance with a narrow waist and a plump, projected butt. Buttock augmentation using the 90-minute BBL is not an ordinary butt lift. Only an elite group of highly experienced and extensively trained surgeons perform this advanced surgery.
The BBL procedure combines numerous body contouring technologies and cutting-edge techniques to transform your midsection into a human piece of art. Read on to learn more about the 90-minute BBL and determine if this revolutionary butt lift procedure is right for you.

Benefits Of The 90-minute Safe BBL

90-minute BBL Before And After*

These before and after images depict actual patients of Dr. Tajkarimi. Their transformations demonstrate the potential of this advanced procedure. As with any cosmetic surgery, results may vary.*

A Comprehensive Body Contouring Surgery

To achieve the beautiful, hourglass figure that many women desire, premier surgeon, Dr. Tajkarimi performs several body contouring treatments during a single, 90-minute procedure. Depending on your unique surgical plan, the treatment may include some or all of the following procedures:
  • Buttock augmentation
  • 360-degree, HD liposuction
  • Simultaneous Separation Tumescence (SST)
  • Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL).
  • Fat transfer and fat sculpting
  • Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL).
  • Emsculpt (muscle building treatment prior to the procedure.)

The Buttock Augmentation Procedure

The first step towards a beautiful, plump, and lifted buttocks begins with a consultation with premier surgeon, Dr. Tajkarimi.

The Consultation:

Affectionately known to his patients as Dr. Taj, the doctor offers both in-person and virtual consultations.

Virtual consultations, a.k.a “snap consultations,” include an online conference with Dr. Taj. Together you examine photos of the body area(s) you want to improve. You speak about your aesthetic goals. Dr. Taj then shares his screen and shows you the exact techniques he may use during your procedure, giving you a visual of the transformation that is possible.
If you decide the 90-minute BBL is right for you, Dr. Taj will tailor a treatment plan customized for your body dimensions and aesthetic goals.

Prior to the procedure:

Before surgery, the patient undergoes Emsculpt treatments to tone and strengthen the gluteus muscles. This revolutionary body contouring treatment uses HIFEM energy to stimulate powerful muscle contractions safely and painlessly. The body responds to these muscle contractions by toning and strengthening muscles in the buttocks.

The day of the procedure:

Before surgery, Dr. Taj will intricately mark his surgical plan on your body using a surgical marker. He will discuss the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

The procedure:

The procedure takes place in a state-of-the-art surgical suite. The surgery is typically 90-minutes long. Patients may return home the same day of the procedure.

For the surgery, most patients are sedated using local anesthesia via IV sedation. This is also known as awake or tumescent sedation.
During the procedure, Dr. Taj employs advanced liposuction technologies and techniques used by the world’s top gluteal surgeons. During this part of the procedure, Dr. Taj removes and sculpts fat in the body regions surrounding the buttocks. These regions may include the abdomen, thighs, back, flank, and sides.
The liposuction is performed using circumferential (360 degrees) high-definition liposuction using the safe and state-of-the-art SST-EVL technique — Vaser or Simultaneous Separation Tumescence (SST) and Expansion Vibration Lipofilling (EVL,) also known as “power-assisted lipo.”
Using the fat collected during the liposuction part of the procedure, Dr. Taj transfers fat to the buttocks. The fat is used to augment the buttocks. Dr. Taj skillfully transfers and grafts the fat into the buttocks to fill in depressions or irregularities. He then artistically sculpts the fat to produce a rounded, heart-shaped butt.
Your 90-min BBL can be performed separately or as part of a total definer body treatment.

The Safe BBL

There are several other methods of buttock augmentation, such as butt shots and butt implants. The 90-minute BBL is not only the most effective method of buttock augmentation. It is also the safest.

Less Invasive sedation:

Most patients are sedated using local anesthetic or IV sedation. The patient does not lose conscience. This usually bypasses the need for general anesthesia. This type of sedation puts the patient fully to sleep. People refer to this as “being put under.” General anesthesia is connected to a higher risk of complications. The BBL is safer and more effective than the following options:

Buttock augmentation using silicone implants carries a higher risk of infection. Pain and recovery time is significantly higher than BBL using fat grafting. Patients may expect 4-6 weeks of downtime after butt implants.

Buttock’s injections refer to the off-label use of soft tissue fillers, such a Sculptra, to add volume to the buttocks. “Buttlifts” using Sculptra injections are unregulated. They carry a significantly higher risk of complications. Side effects of Sculptra butt injections include tissue death, infections, and migration or hardening of the injected materials, which can be life-threatening. Moreover, butt injections are notoriously unnatural looking and feeling.

How Much Does A BBL Cost?

BBL Cost using Dr. Taj’s high-definition technique varies per patient. The highly customizable treatment may utilize several body contouring technologies. The exact technologies employed depend on the unique circumstances and aesthetic goals of the patient.
During your consultation, Dr. Taj will provide an estimated BBL cost based on the parameters of your surgical plan. He will also discuss available payment options.

Why Choose Dr. Taj To Perform Your BBL?

Dr. Tajkarimi is a world-renowned surgeon with over 20 years of experience. His reputation attracts thousands of patients from across the country.
As one of the few Total Definer Surgeons in the U.S. (and the only Total Definer in the Mid-Atlantic region), Dr. Taj is exclusively trained in the techniques and technologies of 4-D dynamic high-definition body contouring.
Combining his artistic gifts with his extensive training, Dr. Taj takes the Brazilian Butt Lift to the next level. Patients love their transformations and consider their results a human piece of art.

Is The 90-minute BBL Right For Me?

Optimal results are contingent on proper patient selection. During your consultation with Dr. Taj, he will determine if this procedure is best suited to meet your needs and cosmetic goals.
Ideal candidates are healthy adults who do not smoke. Additionally, they have firm, elastic skin, and firm muscle tone.
Ideal female candidates include women with a flat butt but good donor fat deposits in the back, hips, abdomen, or flanks. Women who are slightly overweight, or have pant sizes between 8 to 12, are the most qualified. The maximum BMI for this procedure is 32.
While many BBL patients are female, men also undergo gluteal augmentation. Instead of a feminine heart-shaped buttock, men opt for a rounder, more athletic-looking buttock.

90-minute BBL Near Me

Find out if the 90-minute BBL is right for you. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Tajkarimi. Reach out online or call 703-687-3601.


Schedule by phone at (703) 687-3601 or fill out the consultation form below
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

by submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.


Schedule by phone at (703) 687-3601 or fill out the consultation form below
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

by submitting this form you agree to be contacted via phone/text/email.