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A pregnant woman use her two hands to touch her right breast.

Pregnant with Breast Implants: Everything You Need to Know

Pregnancy is a joyous time but can also be fraught with worries and anxiety. For example, women pregnant with breast implants may have concerns about how their implants will affect their journey and the breastfeeding experience. Fortunately, with the right preparation, you can navigate these challenges and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Common Concerns During Pregnancy with Breast Implants

Pregnancy is a time of change, growth, and excitement. If you’re going through it for the first time, you may have some questions about the journey to motherhood with breast implants. We’ll address some of the most common concerns to put your worries to rest.

Can I Get Pregnant with Breast Implants?

Breast implants don’t affect a woman’s fertility or ability to conceive. But you should know that pregnancy can cause changes to your breasts, regardless of whether you have implants. During pregnancy, your breasts will undergo hormonal changes. This can cause swelling, tenderness, and changes in shape and size.

These changes may be more noticeable for women with breast implants and cause discomfort. If you plan to get pregnant with breast implants, share your concerns with a reputable provider like Better Body MD. We’ll discuss them and ensure you’re prepared for any changes that may occur along the journey.

Should I Remove My Breast Implants Before Pregnancy?

You don’t have to remove your breast implants before pregnancy. The decision to remove them before getting pregnant is personal. We advise our patients to do what makes them feel most comfortable.

If you’re already pregnant, we don’t recommend undergoing surgery to remove the implants. The procedure may pose potential anesthesia risks and post-operative complications like blood clots or infections. If you want to remove your breast implants, it’s best to do it before pregnancy or wait at least six months after giving birth.

How Do I Prepare for Pregnancy with Breast Implants?

Preparing for pregnancy with breast implants involves extra attention and care. While there’s no need to remove them, there are a few things you can do to ensure the utmost comfort and safety during this time:

Schedule a check-up with Better Body MD

Let’s ensure your implants are in good condition and discuss potential risks or complications before pregnancy. Then, we’ll provide advice on how to manage discomfort or changes in your breast tissue that may occur during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Invest in a comfortable and supportive bra

Proper support goes a long way in alleviating discomfort or pain as your breasts change during pregnancy. Your breast implants also need adequate support during pregnancy, which a well-fitted bra can provide.

Will Breast Implants Prevent Me from Breastfeeding?

Since breast implants live beneath the breast tissue, they shouldn’t interfere with your ability to breastfeed. They don’t affect the mammary glands (which produce milk) or the ducts (which carry milk to the nipple). So, most women with breast implants can breastfeed without complications.1

Will Breastfeeding Ruin My Breast Implants?

Breastfeeding can cause your breast tissue to stretch and change shape. But this change isn’t necessarily permanent. Breast tissue will typically return to its pre-pregnancy state after you finish breastfeeding. But there’s always a possibility that your breasts may look different after nursing (whether you have implants or not).

The good news is, breastfeeding itself shouldn’t cause implant damage. The breast tissue covers the implants, so your baby can’t bite or ruin them.2

Breast Implant Types: Which Is Best for Pregnancy?

As long as you trust an experienced board-certified surgeon like Dr. Tajkarimi at Better Body MD, saline and silicone implants are equally safe. There isn’t one that’s particularly better for pregnancy. However, choosing a skilled surgeon to perform breast implant surgery is paramount for longevity and safety.

Should I Get Implants Before or After Having Kids?

If you’re planning to have several kids, it may be best to wait until after pregnancy to get breast implants. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing the ideal size and shape from the surgery.

Postpartum Breast Implant Care: What to Expect

Caring for your breast implants during postpartum involves monitoring changes in size and shape, avoiding physical strain, and following up with your plastic surgeon for regular checkups. With proper care, your breast implants will look and feel great after giving birth.

Your breasts may get bigger during pregnancy and breastfeeding due to hormonal fluctuations and milk production. Once you stop nursing, your breasts should return to their pre-pregnancy size. They may not look the same as before, but this is to be expected.

It’s common for women to experience breast soreness and discomfort after giving birth. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll experience some pain due to milk production and engorgement. Avoid massaging or squeezing your breasts too hard.

After giving birth, avoid lifting heavy objects or performing strenuous exercises for several weeks. Your body needs time to heal correctly, including the breasts. In addition, it helps to wear a supportive bra during postpartum to minimize discomfort.

Finally, schedule follow-up appointments to check your implants’ integrity.

Will Breastfeeding Shorten My Breast Implants' Lifespan?

Breast implants can last a long time. But throughout your lifetime, you may need to correct or adjust them through surgery. This is the case regardless of if you get pregnant and breastfeed. If your implants move, leak, or rupture, you’ll need to remove them. Severe complications are rare but good to know about before family planning.

Breast Implants in Northern Virginia and Greater Washington DC

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1. Think You Can’t Breastfeed After Implants? Think Again, published in Johns Hopkins Medicine, Link
2. What You Need to Know About Breast Implants and Pregnancy, published in Healthline, Link


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