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Liposuction and Lipo HD: Is There Really a Difference

Is there a difference between traditional liposuction and the newer Lipo HD or “high definition lipo”? Yes! Read on to learn about the differences between the two popular treatments and discover which option is right for you!

What is Traditional Liposuction?

Traditional Liposuction is known as the most popular fat-removal procedure available today. Licensed plastic surgeons often perform it. It consistently ranks yearly in the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed because people seek this surgery to resolve unwanted fat cells.

Traditional lipo is an advanced surgical procedure. It effectively removes fat cells or pockets of excess fat from areas like the abdomen, back, thighs, and hips. This conventional lipo version typically removes unwanted fat evenly across the treatment area for a slimmer and leaner appearance.

Although this classic surgery is tried and true, medical advancements and new technologies make it easy to perform lipo in newer, highly targeted ways. This is where the “HD Lipo” comes into play.

Why is High-Definition Liposuction Different from Traditional Liposuction?

One of the newest liposuction options available today is known as Lipo HD or “HD Lipo” and “High Definition Lipo.” This version of lipo uses similar techniques to traditional lipo. The biggest difference? HD Lipo lets your surgeon approach fat removal differently, precisely sculpting the treatment area. This means hi def liposuction removes unwanted fat cells, and your surgeon also uses this advanced technology to contour and improve muscle definition!

The idea behind high definition liposuction is to remove, sometimes add, different amounts of fat in specific areas of the body. This creates a kind of “three-dimensional result.” In addition, fat removal takes place in various layers of the body to create the perfect contours and definition.

For example, the HD lipo procedure on the abdomen involves the process of creating “negative spaces” by removing additional fat between the stomach muscle groups. This process creates the appearance of more defined abdominal muscles. More fat is then suctioned in the negative space, and less fat is suctioned between the spaces to create the illusion of that three-dimensional depth. The horizontal lines between the rectus muscles are then defined to give that popular appearance of “six-pack-abs.”

During your consultation with the surgeon, you can openly discuss the level of muscle definition you desire so your surgeon fully understands your aesthetic goals.

Can Lipo HD Create the “Perfect” Body Shape?

In many ways, can high definition liposuction create the perfect body shape for patients. For male patients, in conjunction with the abdominal contouring we previously discussed, the anterior serratus muscles located on the upper sides of the ribcage can be defined and sculpted.

Similar techniques are often used to improve the appearance of the chest. Creating negative space around the pectorals frames the chest. Fat grafting is also performed near the top of the chest, adding muscle bulk.

liposuction for men

Negative spaces are highlighted near muscles in the lower and upper back for both women and men. This gives men the “V-shape,” highlighting the area’s muscle bulk. In addition, the rear flanks begin the hips, which are aggressively suctioned to create that popular “V” appearance for men and the traditional hourglass figure for women.

liposuction for women

See More High Definition Liposuction Before and Afters*

See more impressive high def lipo before and after images here.
*as always, individual results will vary per person.

Fat Grafting and HD Lipo

More often than not, fat grafting is also performed at the same time as high-definition lipo. This process adds bulk in certain muscle groups to enhance the high-definition contoured result. Fat is generally taken from one body area and transferred to the treatment area. For men, these areas often include the deltoid, biceps, calf muscles, and buttocks. For women, fat grafting is often used in the butt to add volume and shape, enhancing the booty, and in addition, it may be performed to improve the waist-to-hip ratio for a more traditional “hourglass” shape.

As always, your surgeon will evaluate the areas where fat grafting can and should be done to maximize HD lipo results. This is something you can also discuss with your surgeon during your consultation.

High Definition LIPOSUCTION | Better Body Contouring

VASER Abdominal Etching and Lipo HD

High definition liposuction often uses vibrational amplification of sound energy at resonance (VASER). Vaser high definition liposuction, or abdominal etching, involves the use of ultrasound technology. This helps break up the fat and makes the extraction process safer and more precise. This also allows fat to be suctioned superficially to the skin, which is necessary for the high results patients hope to achieve with Lipo HD!

How to Get the Best HD Lipo Results

HD lipo is a much more specialized and advanced approach when compared to traditional liposuction surgery. While the traditional lipo procedure is primarily about removing excess fat, HD lipo focuses on fat removal, contouring the body, and creating a truly defined physique with strategic lipo and fat grafting.

Since HD lipo is such a comprehensive approach to lipo, you must select the best and most reputable surgeon in your area. Choose an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

Those living in Northern VA or the Washington DC area select Dr. Tajkarimi for their Lipo HD surgery. Dr. Taj is an expert in liposuction body contouring and one of the select few certified Total Definer Surgeons in the country!

Listen to Dr. Tajkarimi Explain the Ins-and-Outs of HD Lipo

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Lipo HD Recovery and Aftercare*

As with any surgery, everyone will have a different recovery and aftercare experience.* However, most people will need to take at least a week off to rest, recoup, and recover. During this time, you should refrain from all physical exercise and activity. In addition, you should wear a compression garment, sleep in a specific position, and be available for all follow-up appointments.

When you select Dr. Tajkarimi and Better Body MD for Lipo HD, you will receive detailed aftercare instructions before you are discharged to go home following the procedure.

Experience the Revolutionary Wonders of Liposuction HD

If you want to learn more about high def lipo’s revolutionary approach to body sculpting, contact Better Body MD and Dr. Tajkarimi. Dr. Taj is proud to be a leading high definition lipo surgeon in the Virginia area. He is a certified Total Definer Surgeon. Dr. Taj offers a complimentary 10-minute, convenient “virtual Flash Consultation.” This is a chance to make sure you and he are a good fit for his services. This is also an excellent chance to speak with a knowledgeable, expert surgeon about this procedure. He tends to be more available for flash consults on weekends when he is not in the clinic or performing surgery.

Call (703) 687-3601 to learn more.

Popular HD Lipo FAQs

Hi def lipo is suitable for those who are at or near their ideal body weight but still struggling with stubborn fat and definition.

For most, HD liposuction results will last for a lifetime. However, you must focus on weight management, including healthy eating and exercise. Excessive weight gain will obscure your hd lipo HD results, so following the best aftercare tips is important to ensure your results last a lifetime.

Pain tolerance varies per person. However, the pain associated with hi def lipo is generally manageable for most people. For many, they report feeling only mild to moderate discomfort during and after the procedure.

Since HD lipo uses more training and advanced technology/equipment, it can be more expensive than traditional lipo. The overall hd lipo cost will depend heavily on the number of treatment areas AND the amount of unwanted fat removed/amount of muscle etching needed for optimal results. The procedure tends to range anywhere from 3K to 14K.

If you want to learn more about the cost of HD lipo and the available payment plans or financing options, schedule your complimentary hi def lipo consultation with Better Body MD.


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