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Lipo 360 Explained: Here’s What You Need to Know

Liposuction 360 is a liposuction procedure that covers your entire body – front and back. A 360-degree coverage effectively yields fantastic results. In fact, most people are stunned when they look at Lipo 360 before and after photos.

It is important to understand that treating only the front of your body may not deliver the complete results you desire. For example, you may not get a trimmed and shapely waistline. That’s primarily because the human body doesn’t exist in a 2-dimensional space. Since the human body is 3-dimensional, 360 Lipo renders a waistline with a perfect, contoured look.

Benefits of Lipo 360

What is Lipo 360?

Lipo 360 is an extremely technique-sensitive form of liposuction that focuses on 360 degrees around the body. Traditional lipo treatments only address reducing large pockets of unwanted fat instead of the body’s final proportions.

360-degree lipo allows your surgeon to focus on the finished profile and overall physique appearance rather than just suctioning out the fat.

Circumferential liposuction also produces more comprehensive results for those who want a better-shaped body in less time.

Understanding Liposculpturing: An Important Part of 360 Lipo

Liposculpturing is a vital phase of Lipo 360. After removing the fat cells in your stomach, the surgeon will start re-contouring the fat deposits, transforming them into a curvier silhouette. Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi, the plastic surgeon of Better Body MD, then sculpts your body to fit your new look. 

Lipo 360 Treatment Areas

The main areas Lipo 360 covers are your midsection and the areas surrounding it. The corresponding regions around your midsection also include your upper and lower abdomen, oblique, and mid and lower back. In addition, the procedure also reassures that the patients obtain customized looks and the results they desire.

However, Lipo 360 is available for 12 total areas of the body.

Lipo 360: The 12 Areas

The main areas Lipo 360 covers are your midsection and the areas surrounding it. The corresponding regions around your midsection also include your upper and lower abdomen, oblique, and mid and lower back. In addition, the procedure also reassures that the patients obtain customized looks and the results they desire.

However, Lipo 360 is available for 12 total areas of the body.

The Midsection

Lower abdomen
Flanks or hips
Lower back

The Arms

Upper arms
Sides and top of the arms

The Legs

Inner thighs
Outer thighs

360 Lipo of the Midsection

Lipo 360 is often used to treat the midsection. The treatment areas in the midsection include the lower abdomen, flanks, hips, waist, and lower back. This treatment allows Dr. Tajkarimi to fully address any areas of imperfection around the midsection, so he can shape, contour, and slim a more aesthetically pleasing waistline.

360 Lipo of the Arms

360 Lipo of the arms helps create the appearance of beautiful celebrity arms. This treatment involves treating the entire circumference of the upper arms and shoulder area, whereas traditional Lipo only treats underneath the arm, where jiggly fat tends to gather, causing an underarm flap.

Now, with 360 Lipo, Dr. Taj is also able to treat the sides and top of the arm and the shoulder with this innovative Lipo treatment.

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360 Lipo of the Legs

360 lipo of the legs involves removing fat from the entire circumference of the leg. In addition, this treatment allows the surgeon to remove the maximum amount of fat while also sculpting beautiful, shapely legs in the process.

This treatment also addresses other areas of the leg, including the thighs, inner and outer, knees, calves, and even ankles, as needed. Often, Dr. Tajkarimi will treat the full circumference of each area, sculpting the fat to create perfect leg contours and a slim silhouette.

Treating All 12 Areas at Once

It is not possible to treat all 12 Lipo 360 treatment areas in a single procedure. This is mostly because removing too much fat at one time is risky for the patient. Surgeons typically remove a maximum of five liters of fat during one Lipo 360 procedure. Removing more than the recommended five liters may require fluid replacement. 

However, if you are someone who does want to receive Lipo 360 in the 12 available areas, it is possible to have them all done in a series of procedures separated out accordingly to avoid any risks or complications but still provide you with the 360 lipo results you desire.

A smart Lipo 360 surgeon like Dr. Tajkarimi of Better Body MD can access your body and listen to your goals, helping you determine the best course of action for treating the 12 areas and getting you on track to achieving your dream physique with this comprehensive procedure.

Lipo 360 Before and After

The Lipo 360 before and after images show the impressive results possible with this innovative and technique-sensitive lipo procedure. It is important to note that results will vary per person, however, everyone who commits to Lipo 360 can expect to achieve similar results that provide a lean, slim physique and a reduction in unwanted fat in some of the most problematic areas of the body.

Understanding Lipo 360 Results

The recovery time after a Lipo 360 is relatively short. The downtime isn’t that long, and you’ll be able to get back to your normal routine in a week. However, it is still important to realize that downtimes vary from person to person since Lipo 360 is a surgical procedure. So, have a discussion with your doctor and follow the post-op instructions they give to achieve the best results. 

Lipo 360 Recovery Time

Like traditional lipo, Lipo 360 involves recovery. The treatment areas tend to bruise after surgery, and soreness is involved, as with any surgical body contouring procedure. Most clients must take time away from work and other daily activities to rest, recover, and heal. Depending on your body, you should be able to return to work within a week or less. It is recommended to avoid strenuous exercise or activities for several weeks longer, depending on how your body is healing.

Dr. Tajkarimi and his team give you detailed instructions on how to make your recovery and Lipo 360 aftercare easy and enjoyable. In addition, our team will provide specific instructions for how to help your body heal so you can feel better faster and get back to your usual routine.

Lipo 360 Candidacy

Wondering if Lipo 360 is right for you? It is important to be the right candidate for Lipo 360. The same people who are good candidates for traditional liposuction tend to be eligible for the Lipo 360 procedure. 

Lipo 360 candidates should be: 

  • At or near their ideal weight (within 30%)
  • Wanting highly targeted fat loss, not weight loss 
  • In good health with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 42

Liposuction 360 Price

There’s no question that liposuction is the most practical and adequate method of getting rid of stubborn fat deposits all through the body. The fat is genetically inherited, which means you’re predisposed to it. Because of the popularity of this procedure, many people search for 360 Lipo prices. However, since this is a skill-sensitive technique, pricing should not be the main prerequisite for those interested in it. The most important aspect is finding an experienced and top-rated Lipo 360 doctor and provider near you.

How Lipo 360 Compares to Other Surgical Options

Many people prefer 360 liposuctions because it is a new, innovative approach to smart fat reduction. In addition, it is often the safer option when compared to other popular fat reduction surgeries like traditional liposuction or a surgical tummy tuck.

Lipo 360 vs Traditional Lipo

Traditional liposuction focuses on only one area of the body at a time. The treatment areas for traditional lipo include the abdomen, hips, back, legs, arms, and chest. 

Traditional lipo is highly targeted and does not extend beyond the designated area.

On the other hand, Lipo 360 provides a way to focus on the entire midsection in one convenient procedure. The 360 lipo method includes removing fat from problematic areas like the abdomen, the lateral and posterior waist, the hips, and the back bra roll. In a sense, 360 Lipo “wraps” around the entire midsection without overlooking any area.

Using Lipo 360, surgeons can customize body sculpting and contouring in a way that is revolutionary compared to traditional, static treatments, like regular lipo, which focuses on fat removal from just one specific area of the body.

Does 360 Lipo Get Better Results than Traditional Lipo?

A common question we hear from clients is whether 360 Lipo will give them better results than traditional lipo surgery. Many people find that Lipo 360 results are better than the results from regular lipo. This is because, during the treatment, Dr. Taj treats the entire circumference of the body. This results in a slimmer, more proportionate, and attractive body. Traditional lipo surgery is not performed with the entire physique in mind, rather, it focuses on just the singular treatment area.

On the other hand, 360 Lipo is all about the patient’s final proportions, making it the preferred option of the two procedures.

Lipo 360 vs Tummy Tuck

As mentioned, Lipo 360 focuses on fat removal. While it is a revolutionary take on fat reduction, it is not a procedure for addressing loose or excess skin. 

A tummy tuck surgery focuses on eliminating extra or excess skin in areas like the abdomen. This procedure is a good choice for people who have lost significant weight and now struggle with excess skin hanging over their lower abdomen.

Can You Combine Lipo 360 with Other Procedures?

Yes! Absolutely! Lipo 360 is an excellent choice to reduce fat in the stomach area. However, it does not address loose or sagging skin. This is why many people select to combine this lipo procedure with other surgical treatments like a tummy tuck. Other popular procedures combined with Lipo 360 treatments are BBL, Brazilian butt lift surgery, and breast augmentation or breast lifts.

If you want to combine your Lipo 360 procedure with other popular body contouring procedures, speak to the professionals at Better Body MD. Dr. Tajkarimi is the leading provider of safe, effective BBL, Tummy Tuck, and Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift surgeries in the Northern VA areas. If you want to combine these treatments, you can review the options during a consultation with Dr. Tajkarimi and his team of professionals to determine which is best for your body, health, and aesthetic goals.

Do All Surgeons Offer 360 Lipo?

No. Not every surgeon can perform Lipo 360. This is why so many people living in and around Northern VA and into Washington D.C. select Dr. Tajkarimi of Better Body MD in Leesburg, VA, for Lipo 360. Only a specialized surgeon like Dr. Taj can offer 360 Lipo in areas of the body, including the arms and legs. Dr. Taj is proud to be a leading provider of this technique-sensitive lipo procedure in VA.

How Do I Find the Best Lipo 360 Provider?

When searching online for “lipo 360 near me”, there are certain things to consider. One of them is the reviews received by the facility and its doctor. These 5-star reviews from previous Lipo 360 clients are an excellent tool for helping you decide. These client testimonials are better than any advertising. Also, you should check out the Liposuction 360 before and after photos from the clinic you might visit. Be on the lookout for original photos since many websites use stock images. 

Actual photos from real patients who had the procedure done are extremely useful. The images can let you know what to look for and expect during your own treatment. Better Body MD and Dr. Kambiz Tajkarimi are renowned for their Lipo 360 top-rated results. Dr. Kambiz has decades of experience, which has led to Better Body MD receiving many 5-star reviews online. 

Enjoy Lipo 360 Near Me in Leesburg, VA

When looking for a facility or doctor to perform this procedure, it is imperative to find a skilled and highly rated one. That’s why discerning clients who search for Lipo 360 near me choose Better Body MD. Dr. Kambiz has been providing quality Liposuction 360 and HD Lipo to residents of Northern Virginia and greater Washington, D.C., for years. To find out more, you can schedule a consultation today by calling 703-687-3601. You can also visit us or fill out our easy-to-use forms.


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